Cristina Sánchez Salamanca is a Bogotá-based director and screenwriter, specializing in fiction  and commercial content.

Her short film BEBÉ premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and continues to screen in festivals worldwide. She is currently developing her first feature film, an extension of the short film’s universe. 

Cristina co-directed ‘The Tour’, a documentary for Victoria's Secret on Amazon Prime, where she is also featured as one of the VS20, a cast of twenty global artists from Lagos, Tokyo, London and her home city of Bogotá.

Cristina’s exploration seeks to examine the brokenness and obscurity of the human condition. Themes of alienation, corporality, duality, identity and darkness are recurrent in her work, all of which she brings from her own experiences inhabiting the world she lives in.


                                                                              pisces sun · cancer rising · aries moon